Vossy Shouldn't Get a Contract Extension

Michael Voss shouldn't be coach of the Brisbane Lions at the end of the season. He has been the coach of the Lions for five years and taken his team to the finals once.

The 2010 season was a disaster when the club recruited a lot of broken veterans. Brendan Fevola failed to live up to the hype and his career went down the drain. Only Brent Staker has come good. In the last few weeks, he has shown that he can be a goal-scoring option for the Lions.

One of Vossy's problems is that he plays some of his players out of position or he keeps swapping them around. Daniel Rich shouldn't be a HBF. His kicking is so good, he should be used as a left-winger or a HFF. If used as a HFF, he can kick a lot more goals. Ash McGrath needs to stay in one position too. I'd used him as a third tall.

Jonathan Brown is past his prime but against the Suns yesterday, he showed that he can play in a ruck-rover role from time-to-time. Leigh Matthews did that at one stage in the 2005 season and it started with a win against Fremantle.

Replacing Brown in the long-term is also vital. Vossy hasn't found a replacement and perhaps Aaron Cornelius should play every game so he is more familiar with the toughness and skill of the AFL level. Marco Paparone is skinny got someone his size but he is agile. He has the attributes of a player who can play as a tall forward and as a short forward.

It's very unlikely that the Lions will make the finals now, even if it's mathematically possible. So why should Voss stay on? He is a club legend but Tony Shaw flopped at Collingwood after he replaced Leigh Matthews in 1996. 

It would be more ideal to promote Mark Harvey from assistant coach to senior coach. At least he has senior coaching experience and he can bring that tough playing style he would have learned under Kevin Sheedy as an Essendon player.

Unless Vossy achieves a miracle, it's time for him to say goodbye.