Brisbane coaching staff needs to be held to account

Brisbane needs to look at its coaching staff after the Lions succumbed to another defeat.

On Sunday the Lions lost to Melbourne by 63 points and although there was more effort than in the defeat against Collingwood, there were still some skill errors made and the inaccuracy in front of goal still remains.

To keep blaming the players or poor recruiting is narrow-minded in my view and certain aspects of Brisbane’s coaching need to be assessed.

If the press conference after the 78-point loss against the Magpies was anything to go by, head coach Justin Leppitsch seems to have lost faith in his own ability to coach the Lions.

This team has progressed little since 2014 and the players are inconsistent performers. Leppitsch from the outside looking in does not come across as a great strategist or a great motivator.

It is very easy to single out the senior coach and it is also easy to blame the players for a lack of ability or effort but how about the assistant coaches?

Leigh Harding and Scott Borlace are the development coaches but the results so far have shown that they have not done much to develop the players. They should be teaching the players to improve their skills and decision making.

Gary O’Donnell is the Skill Development and Training Coordinator but he has been at the club for too long. He probably is not the right person to assist Harding and Borlace.

Maybe it is time to hire someone who has been associated with successful clubs of recent seasons. What worked during the glory days doesn’t necessarily work now so O’Donnell could do with a change of atmosphere.

Mitch Hahn does not seem to be doing well as a defensive coach. Tackling, smothering, and spoiling need to be improved dramatically as well as the ability to use the ball well in defence.

Ben Hudson might be ideal as a ruck coach but coaching forwards should not be his role. He was never a prolific goalscorer so he is not the right guy to teach the players to kick accurately for goal. Brisbane needs a forward coach who can teach the players to make leads, take marks, and kick goals.

Murray Davis is the transition strategy coach but it is clear the players struggle to get the ball out of defence or midfield.

Davis should be finding ways to get the ball moving with skill and effectiveness but it has not happened. Brisbane lacks experienced players so he should realise that young players are not the type of players to dictate the play. The Lions need to be more instinctive when they play.

Danny Daly is the stoppage strategy coach but he seems to be doing a poor job. Brisbane struggles at stoppages and the Lions need to be better at winning the ball, closing down spaces, and marking opposition players. The Lions need to be quick at getting the ball out of congested areas.

Simon Black is the midfield coach but he should do more to teach the midfielders and make them follow his advice. He was one of the greats as a midfielder so he can advise the players on how to use the ball.

In addition to the assistant coaches, Brisbane reserves coach Shane Woewodin needs to be criticised for the woeful job he is doing. The Lions usually get thrashed by 100 points and some of these players have played in the senior squad.

What does Woewodin know about developing players or game plans? So far he is not producing players who can step into the senior squad and put pressure on under-performing players.

Coaches are put under the spotlight when their team is losing regularly but Leppitsch cannot have 100 per cent of the blame. The coaches around him need to improve or they need to go.